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Guitar Mode Maker 2.0. Easy to use graphical interface allows guitar players to learn to create and modify guitar scales, modes and chords. Initial installation comes with over 750 chords and scales to use. GMM 2.0 allows the user to hear what thier scales sound like, through computer speakers using three tones, guitar, 12-string guitar and piano. Save your scales with a new GS2 file, which is easily sent to your guitar or bass playing friends! GS2 file intechangeable through Guitar Mode Maker and Bass Guitar Mode Maker. Piano teachers will love GMM 2.0 as the scales will show up on a piano keyboard as well as the guitar fret board. Easily save and printout your scales in a text file! Initial use limited to 10 uses, registration allows for full use of all GMM 2.0 features.

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